Welcome to Uppsala!

This is the official website for Uppsala’s Electrical Engineering Student Organization! We are also known as the E-section, and we are one of many sections that make the foundation of the Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students (UTN). You can learn more about them on their website. In the future, we plan to upload a guide to your new life as a student in Uppsala. In this guide, you’ll be able to learn all about the nations, what we do as a section and much more!

New meetings, New Ideas.

Hello all. We will soon have a meeting in INTU and I would like your opinion on how things are going so far and any possible things you would like to either happen or change. Whilst not all of the things may be suited for INTU, all opinions are valid to be considered. You can send me your thoughts through my email at: e-int@utn.se. I hope you all have had a good start to your studies here at Uppsala university.

New Students, New Counsel

Good evening to all the new students. As the start of the new term with new students is upon us, I would formally like to say hello to you all as your new representative of the International Contacts manager and a hello from the Mastu and Intu counsel. I, Fredrik Forsell, and the council will be working hard to ensure that your stay here at Uppsala University is great and exciting. If you would like to contact me regarding questions or suggestions you would like to bring up to the Mastu counsel, you can contact me through email at: e-int@utn.se. I hope we can work together to make everyone’s stay here as smooth as possible.

Kind regards, Fredrik Forsell (E section international representative)